Aline Hollstein

Aline Hollstein is a fashion and costume designer based in Berlin, whose work explores the boundaries of fashion and its purpose.

Within her MA studies in fashion design at Artschool Weißensee, she focused on sustainability and ageism, working with natural dye and modular clothing.

Her previous work experience includes being the costume designer for the feature film ‚O Beautiful Night', which premiered in the Panorama section of the 69th Berlinale/ international Film Festival in Berlin 2019.



Being able to work with a range of creative and talented people is one of the most rewarding aspects of fashion design. All of the projects shown on this website are the result of collaborations with carefully selected and versatile artists. They can be found in the list below or in the credits of each project. The projects landschaften, CMYK, blk frrst and the styling for who decides? come from the design collaboration atelier YAB (Buki Akomolafe, Yasmin Koppe and Aline Hollstein).

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Aline Hollstein

Erkstr. 5

12043 Berlin





Nora Hollstein // photography

Xaver Boehm // film direction

Buki Akomolafe // fashion design
Caecilia Pohl // fashion design

Marius Land // photography
Xaver Xylophon // visual storytelling

Florian Hauer // graphic design

Luis Einhauser // photography

Lars Borges // photography

Jacques A. Dupont // audiovisual creator

Ylenia Gortana // Tech Wear and Costume Design


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